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Get past your past. Your future is waiting!

Until your past is washed clean, you will always use it to define you and confine you!


4 Cringe Worthy things you are doing to unintentionally hurt others.

Most people feel hurt when your intentions do not match their experience.

Are you unintentionally stifling growth?

When I sit too close to them, I inevitably suffocate them with my safety concerns and guidance. I’m normally not a helicopter parent, we don’t call our kids free range savages for nothing. I have,however, noticed how easy it is to shout commands and concerns to them when I am within speaking distance. So after providing clear instructions, I decided to watch from a … Read More Are you unintentionally stifling growth?

Don’t we deserve better?

Ever been upset, because you didn’t get what you deserved? I worked hard, I deserved a promotion. I sacrificed my 20’s to raise my kids, I should be able to chillax now. I apologized to my friend, I deserve some grace. I remained focused when others were distracted, I deserve to get my prize. Lately, I have been thinking this way. I have been … Read More Don’t we deserve better?

Submission IS NOT Oppression

It’s funny how submission has become a derogatory word. Many people equate the word submission with women being oppressed or abused-but we must look deeper. Submission to God is not being oppressed, it’s in fact, the very opposite- it’s liberating! Submission is saying: God is perfect, I’m not. Submission is agreeing that God’s plan, is better than our own. Submission is like a weight … Read More Submission IS NOT Oppression

It’s not who we were that matters!

Our past should not be brought up, analyzed and obsessed on, by others or ourselves.

The Struggle Is Real

Ever notice some people when they are going through a struggle say things like: “Everything will work out” “God has a plan” “It’s okay, I will be fine,” Ever think, they are putting on a front, or not being honest about their struggle? I’m here to tell you – they are not lying. They are truly hurting, and may even doubt the very words … Read More The Struggle Is Real