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Simplifying Business for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs' Most Common Question:

Why Do I Need a Business Consultant, Mentor, or Coach?

Here's the deal:


  • Feeling overwhelmed? You're aware of the tasks but not sure where to start.
  • Fantastic ideas? They're great, but a vision alone won't sustain your business.
  • Relying on intuition, not strategy? It works for a while, but what's your long-term plan?
  • One-person show? You can only go so far on one tank of gas. Burning out is not the goal, my friend.
I work with everyone from side hustlers to solopreneurs to small businesses.

They all start right here!

You know those businesses you admire? Well, guess what? They've all got business coaches and mentors. That's how they've unlocked the secrets of success. You won't find this stuff in textbooks, freebies, or by simply Googling it. We offer custom strategies tailored to your unique challenges.

Chances are, without a business coach, you'll end up learning through the 'FAFO' method, and let me tell you my friend.... that SUCKS!



Launching a business, turning that side hustle into your main hustle, or rocking a one-person service show? This is where the real fun begins!
  • Juggling and prioritizing a never-ending to-do list.
  • Navigating the maze of systems and processes.
  • Experimenting, stumbling, and learning as you go.
  • Taking leaps of faith because it's better than standing still.
  • Trying different approaches without a solid marketing strategy.
  • Wondering if everyone else has a secret playbook you missed.

And guess what? It's perfectly normal because, let's be honest, this stuff isn't exactly intuitive.


You're confident in your business's potential. Your product or service has a market, and you've assembled a lean but highly capable team


  • Hitting a roadblock and can't move forward alone
  • Doing all the things, including marketing, despite having a team
  • Stuck at a revenue plateau and need a boost
  • Lost in the daily grind and can't see the big picture
  • Afraid to take time off because your business relies on you
Ready to work on your business, not just in it?
Small business coaching is your secret weapon to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!


Not a fan of monthly commitments or worried about your budget? No problem—I've been there.

Feel free to drop in for coaching whenever you like—whether it's once a month, once a quarter, or even once a year. Sessions are priced at $150 per hour or $85 per half-hour.

P.S. No long-term contracts here; it's all month-to-month.


For serious ROI, consider a 12-month commitment. Crafting and implementing a solid strategy takes time, but watching your progress month by month is genuinely addictive.

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