I went from hot mess to hallelujah one action step at a time.

Now I enjoy helping other women get out of their own way, so they can experience the abundance and freedom they were meant for!

You can’t let life happen to you. You must interject. You must participate. You must take responsibility. You must take action.

The change you want and the change that actually happens is dependent on your faith and your thoughts.

Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, single, married, teenager, or college student, if you are willing to think differently, have faith and take massive action – I can help!

I love delivering practical, relevant and useful information, but my true passion is helping you implement that information – it’s time to TAKE ACTION and get UNSTUCK!


You’ve changed my life in more ways than one. You gave me strength and purpose, helped me to believe in myself and see that my self doubt and destructive way of thinking wasn’t the real truth and it’s okay to not be okay at times. You helped me understand its not selfish to take care of myself and to love who I am flaws and all. Thank you for being such an inspiration and support through all the crazy that is my life! God put you in my life for many reasons!

Michele Harris

Great crowd for this event today, Stephanie did a phenomenal job speaking on strategic priorities and benchmarking.

Azeita Taylor

You are truly a blessing and example of what we should be doing to walk side by side in encouraging those around us and not letting our weaknesses and failures keep us down. I love your encouraging spirit you openly share with all that have the privilege to know you.

Jennifer Cook

Thankful for my experience working with Stephanie and her team, she runs her business like no other!

Niki Reed