I get it. The house that you have never looks like the houses you scroll past in social media. Forget the house, how about the life in general.

Leave it to Facebook, Instagram and mom blogs to seriously pin point the lack we see in our own lives, amirite?

Juggling children, work, husband, sports, friends and self care can lead to legit burnout. Then add in trying to “keep up with the Joneses” (or the Kardashians) and it can have us feeling inferior, frustrated, depressed and guilty.

So what can we do when we only have a few minutes between breakfast and school or homework and sports practice?

I created a list of 10 things you can do to elevate the ordinary so you can easily put a smile on your face, enjoy more moments, and realize that life is happening right now(so embrace it)!

1. Use a fun, holiday mug to drink your morning coffee from. Something about a seasonal mug always adds a smile to my morning!

2. Write in a gratitude journal everyday. When you appreciate the ordinary, you see how extraordinary your life truly is!

3. Listen (and dance) to music. Whatever music you like, turn it on and turn it up! Move, sing and enjoy the moment!

4. Play! Make time to use play doh, color, do puzzles, ride a bike, play in leaves, etc… play will automatically raise your happy hormone!

5. Start your day planning on how you can make someone else happy! Your kids, husband, coworkers, or even the barista you get your coffee from. Plan how you can make them smile!

6. Exchange out your basics for holiday/seasonal upgrades. Hand towels, soaps, lotions, and small decor around your house can get a $20 season upgrade and automatically make you feel festive.

7. Embrace spontaneous gatherings. We are so worried about what our house looks like: the laundry on the couch, the kitchen clutter, and the toys being left out that we loose divine opportunities to enjoy fellowship. ***News Flash*** no one but you thinks your house is a tragic dirty mess, so bust out the charcuterie (whatever you have in the fridge), sit, and have meaningful conversations with friends!

8. Unplug. You know what this means. Stop comparing your life to others day in and day out. Get off the phone and participate in the life that is happening right before you.

9. Hug People. More and more I see less and less physical touch from people. Hug your kids, friends, family and spouse. The chemical response will surprise you.

10. Stop feeling bad about eating off paper plates and watching TV- we all do it! Yes, even the people who say they don’t!

BONUS: #11

Burn the ships! Retreat is easy when you have an option. Stop sinking back into the old lies, the old bitterness, and your old life – they are a safety net and you will always fall back on them if you keep them around! Learn to let things go and press forward into a new day!

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