Main Street Consulting Pros

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide expert business advice and coaching without adding to your debt. We offer tailored services for businesses needing guidance to ensure their success. Leveraging our experience and the expertise of our associates, we support community businesses striving to thrive.

Meet the team

Stephanie Beveridge
  • Main Street Consultant
  • Creator of the Main Street Mastery Program
  • 25 Years of Business Operations Expertise
  • Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation 
  • Investments, Financial, and Affluence Trainer
  • Specialist in Organizational Culture, Leadership, and Employee Engagement

Carrie Harris
  • Main Street Consultant
  • Digital Ad & Marketing Specialist
  • 25 Years of Business Operations Expertise
  • Veteran
  • Product Sales Specialist
  • Event Booth/Sales Convention and Conference Expert
  • Experience with Overseas Factories

Stefanie Hoffman
  • Main Street Consultant
  • The Original Business Bridesmaid
  • Notary Public, Texas
  • Former Real Estate Professional
  • Professional Business Tour Guide and Sales Trainer
  • 15 Years of Excellence in Customer Service
  • Membership Program Specialist
  • Expert in Business Event Set-Up and Organization

Guy Beveridge
  • Main Street Consultant
  • 30 Years in Law Enforcement and Military
  • National Safety & Security Expert 
  • Leadership Specialist
  • Renowned National Trainer and Public Speaker
  • Creator of EasyAudit
  • Owner of Guy Beveridge & Associates

We are always looking for experts, coaches, and consultants to join our team. If you have business experience and are interested in making a difference, please reach out to us.

Please contact us for any information.



P: + 254-535-4021