As your event speaker, my goal is to serve you, your audience, and your event.  It’s not about me. I realize, as the event planner, you have a lot to consider and I take that seriously. I’ve planned several events, banquets, recitals, and workshops and I know the reality. We never really know how it will all come together until the speaker actually shows up and starts speaking!

When I am your speaker:

  • A heart and desire to serve you. I will answer your calls, messages, texts, and e-mails promptly. I will accommodate special requests to the best of my ability and can tailor my message to suit the needs of your individual group.
  • A commitment to bring my best. I will work diligently, pray regularly, and communicate consistently to prepare to speak at your event.
  • A listing on my website and various Facebook postings announcing your event.
  • Availability to your attendees to talk, pray, and stay otherwise engaged.  I also enjoy fireside chats and moderated conversation with Q & A time. I love hanging out with people!
  • My support of you, the leader. It is my pleasure and passion to encourage, assist and partner with you however you need it.

Let’s Chat!

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