Essential oils vibrate at high frequencies and can be used to strengthen prayer, mindfulness, devotional time, and worship.  When I apply the oils to my wrist and inhale them I pray an approach my prayer journal with an attitude of expectancy. I know when I submit – God will show up. 

These are a few oils I like to use:

Frankincense. The Oil of Truth.  Frankincense helps support a feeling of connectedness spiritually. Frankincense reminds you to feel loved and protected.  It can assist with spiritual connectedness, feeling distant from your physical or spiritual father, and battling spiritual darkness.

Melissa.  The Oil of Light.  This oil can assist individuals in receiving spiritual guidance by connecting them with their inner voice.  It helps one to feel uplifted, gives strength, and encourages inner light. It is a very high vibrational oil.

Clary Sage.  The Oil of Clarity and Vision.  Clary Sage helps to clear darkness, discouragement, and disconnection from the heavenly Father.  It promotes creativity and eliminates distractions from the mind. It can assist in visualizing.

Sandalwood.  The Oil of Sacred Devotion.  Sandalwood helps with prayer, meditation, and worship.  Historically, it has been used to prepare the spirit for connection with God.  It can help to quiet the mind so that the voice of the Father is more easily heard.

Wild Orange.  The Oil of Abundance.  Wild Orange inspires abundance, creativity and positivity.  It encourages one to let go of a scarcity mindset. It encourages a giving spirit and helps to bring forth fun and joy.  Helps to calm a racing mind and promote focus.

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