All along I have been telling my God about my struggles when I should have been telling my struggles about my God.

I have not been living a life of expectancy . What we receive from God depends on our level of expectancy. If we expect little, we will receive little. If we expect the impossible, then He will deliver.

Don’t let go of what you expect just because you don’t get it how you thought you were going to get it or in the time frame you wanted. As Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, Seek, and Knock.” Perserverance is the key!

God “works all things together for our good.” But you have to believe and expect that to be true! Like really believe that!

The secret to waiting is expectancy. When you believe God will do what He says, you will not give up waiting for His timing.

I see this in my own kids daily, as they ask me for snacks, drinks, screen time, etc.

When they ask I often respond with, “ not right now” or “in a minute”

Do they get impatient, sure, but they expect me to feed them and they believe they will be taken care of. I don’t always provide for them on their timeline, sometimes things have to get aligned before I can provide.

I realized through this epiphany, that I had lost my spirit of expectancy with my Father. I have called out to Him and He has said, “wait!” Instead of being patient and waiting for His time (like I expect my own children to do with me), I gave up on believing He would even show up at all.

My kids are also getting to an age where, as their parent they can expect me to provide, but they also need to actively participate. Often times, they will ask for me to get them something to eat to which I reply,” you can get up and get it.” As the provider, I got the food to the fridge, but they have to actively participate in feeding their hunger pangs.

Ugh! When God showed me this I was like, “okay God, I hear ya!”

Having a spirit of expectancy helps recognize that God is in control of the ebb and flow in your life but we must trust Him, and actively participate in our lives too. Sometimes He is telling us we have to get up, and go get what He has already provided.We are not victims, simply waiting around for God to feed us at our leisure.

Be hungry

Be expectant

Be faithful

Be active

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