Did you grow up being told you were dumb, worthless, irresponsible, or ugly?

Do you have horrible past relationships?

Constantly struggling with your failures from the past?

Are you ashamed with things you have done or said in your lifetime?

Today’s the day you speak life into yourself!

Your past no longer defines you and no longer matters!

Until your past is wiped clean you will always use it to describe you and confine you!

Have you ever written or drawn anything and had to erase it?

When you take an eraser to your mistake it’s not 100% gone, and darker imprints are always harder to remove; however, the erased image is so light that the new writing on top is more prominent, legible and becomes the final project.

Now, while you are erasing you can still remember and see the misspelling, the unclear thought, or the wrong sketch you made. In that moment you use the hint of the erased past to help you create a better rewrite. You use it to benefit you. You use it to make your new project even better than the original!

God does the same thing. He uses our past to make us better and to bring Him Glory. You can have a completely new story with God as the author. Allowing God to rewrite your story, doesn’t completely erase your past but it does erase the guilt and condemnation (dark imprints).

Ever go back five years later to look at your drawing or writing? Can you remember what you erased still? Can you even see it at first glance? Of course not!

Well, with a lot of energy, money, time and resources you can analyze it and uncover what was once written even after being erased and time passing. In fact, I’ve done that before- several times🤦‍♀️. I let God erase my past, rewrite my story, and then years later my flesh decided to be a sleuth!

Your flesh is tricky. Disguised as ruminating thoughts, what if questions, google searches, and social media stalking, your flesh will be happy to help you seek out your past. Reminding yourself of what was once poorly written gets you nowhere. It does, however, cost you time, money, pain and regret.

Research from the National Criminal Justice Reference service says that, “pencil writing is relatively easy to erase or at least to make almost illegible.”

Through Jesus our past can “ be illegible” too!

One researcher said, “When we rub an eraser across a pencil mark, the abrasives in the eraser gently scratch the surface fibers of the paper to loosen the graphite particles. The softener in the eraser helps to prevent the paper from tearing. The sticky rubber in the eraser grabs and holds onto the graphite particles.

Erasers work on friction and friction generates heat. As the abrasives in the eraser are rubbed against paper, friction produces heat, which helps the rubber become sticky enough to hold onto the graphite particles.“

God is our eraser. He is gentle, soft and careful enough to not tear our paper, but provides enough friction so we produce the heat He needs to grab our “graphite particles”.

God has the biggest eraser you have even seen. He can erase your past. Give Him your story, let Him erase it and rewrite it for you!

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