It’s funny how submission has become a derogatory word. Many people equate the word submission with women being oppressed or abused-but we must look deeper.

Submission to God is not being oppressed, it’s in fact, the very opposite- it’s liberating!

Submission is saying: God is perfect, I’m not. Submission is agreeing that God’s plan, is better than our own. Submission is like a weight off our shoulders and a breathe of fresh air. Submission allows us to, tear down our facades, expose our weaknesses, and humbly come to Christ with our sin without fear of condemnation.

Initial submission brings us into God’s arms and allows Him to set up shop in our heart, but it must not stop there. We are not called to submit once, but to continually submit to Jesus and deepen our relationship with Him.

In Romans 6:13 God demands us to submit “every part” of ourselves to Him.

The more we surrender to God, the more our old self absorbed, fleshy nature is replaced with one that resembles Christ

How do we submit?

We humble ourselves. We must deny the power we want, and give up OUR control.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5).

It’s no longer about US! It’s about God’s wisdom, His and His power. Many times, this comes in the form of submitting to others, in the name of the Lord.

Where there is true submission, pride cannot reside.

Where there is true obedience, arrogance cannot reside.

But when there is true surrender, we are offered peace.

It is often in our greatest failures that we gain a greater understanding of grace – and God has shown me this first hand.

I am growing in grace. Overtime I learn more and more how to deny myself and the self assertion that has made me the successful person I am today.

I must not condemn myself, because that will hinder God’s plans for me. Instead I must, extend myself grace and learn from my mistakes.

It has been exposed to me that for years I have claimed to be a sincere believer, but my thoughts, behavior and actions were not in alignment.

I can no longer be a bold and influential leader while also allowing my default response

of fear to take over when things get uncomfortable or scary.

Humility is not insecurity, and vulnerability is not weakness. Contrary to what many may think, I am not giving up my unique gifts, by surrendering my life to God. I’m finally using my gifts, for God’s glory and God is showing me how to walk in humble boldness.

Therefore, I am so grateful that through repentance, tears, grace and humbleness, Lord, I surrender all to You!

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