Ever notice some people when they are going through a struggle say things like:

“Everything will work out”

“God has a plan”

“It’s okay, I will be fine,”

Ever think, they are putting on a front, or not being honest about their struggle? I’m here to tell you – they are not lying. They are truly hurting, and may even doubt the very words they speak, but they are speaking life into their storm.

There are several moments in life that are major events: accidents, death, disease, etc… but how about the everyday whirlwind of strife that we encounter? The moments that we review in our head a thousand times. The ones that keep us fearful and anxious? We are called to speak life into all our struggles- big or small.

When tempers flare, disagreements dispense and overwhelm tries to consume us, we must speak peace and life into our struggles; our storms.

In Mark 4:39 Jesus didn’t fly off the handle, call the storm every name under the sun, sit on the boat and complain, or get caught up in gossip, fear, and anxiety- he spoke peace.

“Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

He spoke life!

When you feel like the devil is at work stirring up everything in your life: fear, anger, contention, bitterness, frustration, and sometimes he even opens old scars (yes, scars not wounds… you know the ones that had been healed)- what do you do?

Do you speak peace?

Do you speak life?

So while the struggle is real, so is our God. We become the ultimate peacemaker, when anointed with the Holy Spirit, we speak life into our struggles and our storms.

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